The UIMG Experience


9 Feb 2013

Marques Houtman
Founder & Sr. Marketing Manager


MEMBER SEALUrban International is something that I once toyed with when I was playing for FC Porto in Portugal in 2007.  I can remember because the EU determined that I had imported enough men’s t-shirts, NBA basketball apparel and direct orders of Jordan brand sneakers from Eastbay to my front door step to now stop me dead in my tracks at customs.  I learned that even though after a Nation-wide tv game vs rival Benfica, thinking harmless internet sales with boxes no heavier than 45kg would never get tracked.  Boy was I wrong!  It took me 5 months to finallly recieve a return order that never made it to Western Europe.  The lesson that was learned; do your research.  That is how deals are made and broken, grades are failed or conqured, and late night kisses happen or are planned for the next date.  Enough humor, finally Urban International is International!!  And in order to maintain that presence, one must stay with the times.  Please check out an amazing way to get your Brand, Promotion, Message, Presentation, or any type of need for an organized visual method.  The site is Prezi and I did this presentation in about 5 minutes from some notes I had down on a paper. Check it out…



I really like how it works and I suggest using it because you can download and really get things going if you bring it into the editing table.  Good luck and work with passion…

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