Parting Ways Fundraiser Friday Sept 2, 2016 -Verdean Vets Hall New Bedford

August 19, 2016

For Immediate Release:

Parting Ways Dr Attucks Visit Press Release would like to invite you to a fundraiser with special guest Dr. Mark Attucks, direct descendant of Crispus Attucks, first casualty of the Revolutionary War at the Battle at Bunker Hill.  On September 2, 2016 at 6 pm at the Cape Verdean Vets Hall, 561 Purchase St, New Bedford Ma 02740 is inviting you to attend a night of information, entertainment and refreshments. and the New Bedford Public School Department are in the process of incorporating the History of Parting Ways site into the history curriculum.  Parting Ways Memorial site, located in Plymouth, Ma is home to the burial sites of 4 Black Revolutionary soldiers who fought with General Washington.  These soldiers were given land and lived there in a community known as the New Guinea Settlement.

Dr. Attucks is coming to New Bedford to help pass out the word of the Parting Ways Organization.  He will be traveling to the site in Plymouth with students from the New Bedford Public Schools, will be interviewed by these students and will also attend the fundraiser at the Vets hall where he will deliver a powerful message about Legacy, Strength and Perseverance.  Special thank you to Dr. Jason DeFalco, Chief Officer of NBPS and the whole New Bedford Public Schools’ family for taking such a vested interested in the Parting Ways Organization.

All are welcome to attend the different events throughout the weekend.  There is a $10 donation for the fundraiser and sponsorships are available.  Thank you and hope to see you there!

Schedule for Dr. Attucks

Thur 1 Sept
2:15 pm
Flight Dr. Attucks
TF Green Airport Providence, RI
Washington (DCA) 12:59pm
Providence (PVD) 2:15pm
American Airlines 5214
Thur 1 Sept
5:00 pm
Check – In Hotel
Dr. Attucks Check in to Hotel and Change
Thur 1 Sept
6:00 pm
Dinner for Dr. Attucks
Fri 2 Sept
8:30 am
Breakfast & Meet with Students
Keith Middle School
Keith Middle School Students Meet and greet Dr. Attucks and give him a tour of the school
Fri 2 Sept
9:00 am
Bus Leave to Plymouth
Keith Middle School
Students Travel to Parting Ways Memorial Grounds
Fri 2 Sept
9:45 am – 12:00 pm
Visit Site,
Interview Dr. Attucks
Parting Ways Memorial Cemetery
Students clean and help plant flowers and vegetables while visiting Parting Ways site
Fri 2 Sept
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Parting Ways Presentation Dinner
Cape Verdean Vets
561 Purchase St,
New Bedford, MA 02740
Fundraiser & Introduction to Education Curriculum with New Bedford Public School
Sat 3 Sept
10:00 am
Brunch w Dr. Attucks
ZION Deliverance Tabernacle 2220 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford MA
Brunch with locals and press invites
Sat 3 Sept
1:30 pm
Flight Dr. Attucks
TF Green Airport Providence, RI
Providence (PVD) 2:50 pm
Washington (DCA) 4:234 pm
American Airlines 4621

Parting Ways Sept2


“The 1st Four: The Story of the Parting Ways Project”

Flyer 1

I have such an honor to announce that Urban International Media Group (UIMG) has the Marketing Management contract to expand some interesting & historical information.  Parting Ways Project ( is embarking on an International Media campaign and business strategy to get the word out that African slaves fought in the Revolutionary War and earned their freedom along with the new country they defended.  Here is an excerpt from the site:

In 1770 over 400,000 African-Americans and several thousand Native Americans were held in slavery in a total population of little over 2.1 million. With the American Revolution drawing ever so close and the talk of freedom all around, African-Americans as well as their fellow enslaved peers were more determined than ever to make freedom a reality for themselves and their children. Plato Turner, Cato Howe, Prince Goodwin and Quamony Quash were no different. Quamony Quash was just fifteen when he enlisted in 1775.

–Cox, Clinton: Come all you Brave Soldiers; Blacks in the Revolutionary War. (NY: Scholastic Press, 1999)


First Four Documentary Chapter Outline

This information has been coveted from the world for over 240 years and now they have a plan set in place.  Here is some of the tasks at hand.

1.  Finalizing proposal for Video Documentary “THE FIRST FOUR: STORY OF THE PARTING WAYS PROJECT”

2.  Auquaponic Farming System on 5 Acres at Parting Ways

3.  Parting Ways eCommerce Distribution system for products & services (apparel, literature, food stuff, health products, events)

4.  Parting Ways Book & Tour

5.  Parting Ways Cemetery Front Entrance & Parking lot


If anyone is interested in joining the cause please email:

UIMG Member Links (9 Dec 2013)

UIMG Member Links (9 Dec 2013)

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Parting Ways:  Parting Ways Interview

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